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Welcome to Zengin Media, the fastest growing and most innovative digital signage solution available! Offering a unique channel strategy along with more traditional digital signage methods, Zengin Media provides the flexibility and technology to fit your digital signage needs.

Repeat traffic. On demand. All the time.
Zengin Media is broadcast into the lives and homes of its viewers creating the ultimate High-Definition Lifestyle Enlightenment. With ZenGin Media, Frequency Equals Results. By limiting our advertisements and wrapping them around lifestyle content, community events and a social nightlife calendar, our viewers are engaged to your message and brand. We like to call this “In-Home Branding”.

Partnering with Zengin Media has never been easier. Our advertising partners have the flexibility to deploy new ads instantly or work closely with Zengin Media developers to create a custom ad that delivers results. Whatever your needs, Zengin Media will deliver!

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